Wallpaper Removal

Until now, wallpaper removal was a task no one looked forward to, particularly if you try dry-stripping it off the walls with your bare hands. Many of us would avoid the job by painting over our old wallpaper. But this never quite looks right. And it's a real problem if you decide to remove the wallpaper in the future.

The chore is easier if you soak the walls with a chemical wallpaper remover added to hot water. But be forewarned, this exposes you to toxic fumes. It also damages your walls, particularly if they are drywall, by overwetting. The safer and more efficient way to remove wallpaper is with vapor.

Vapor steam cleaners are the big gun of wallpaper removal. With a vapor steam cleaner all you have to do is glide the heated vapor across the wall. The vapor will soften the paper and paste and allow you to strip the paper easily with a wide putty knife. And unlike conventional steamers, vapor is only 5% water, so there is little danger of overwetting and damaging your walls.

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