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As Americans, we are more concerned about our health than ever before. It only makes sense that we should equally be concerned for our pets, especially when it comes to exposing them to household chemicals.

Most people think of ingestion when they think of pet poisoning. Although this is common, poisoning by inhalation is more common. When your pet swallows something harmful, its stomach neutralizes the poison before it is absorbed through the blood stream. But when your pet inhales toxic fumes, the poisons go directly into the bloodstream and quickly travel to the brain, liver, heart and kidneys.

Every day household cleaners give off toxic fumes. Cats are much more sensitive than dogs, and because cats groom themselves, they are likely to be poisoned by things they get on their paws as well as breathe. According to numerous sources, including, cats are particularly sensitive to Pine-Sol and Lysol cleaners because these household products contain phenols, a poison cats cannot detoxify. Inhaling these fumes can cause severe illness to your pet, possibly death.

Unlike harsh household cleaners, vapor steam cleaners do not create toxic fumes or leave harmful residues for your pet to get on its paws. Using nothing more than ordinary tap water and a little electricity, vapor steam cleaning will give you a feeling of gratification in knowing that the health of your cat or dog, and family, is protected.

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