Kitchen Sanitization

Though invisible to the human eye, bacteria are everywhere in kitchens—both at home and in restaurants. Many foodservice professionals use a two-step process to clean and sanitize kitchen preparation surfaces. First, they rinse the surfaces of counters, oven hoods, refrigerator shelves, etc. with soap and water. Then they use a sanitizing solution of bleach and water to kill the germs that remain. They often run through the process twice to clean and sanitize any item that has touched raw meat. Unfortunately, this repeated exposure to bleach over the years degrades kitchen equipment.

Now there is a simpler, safer, way to clean and sanitize both on the job and at home, a way that does not eat away at expensive equipment or discolor or degrade the surface of what it is used to clean. This extends the life of your appliances and saves you money.

Vapor steam cleaners can be used to clean and sanitize countless places in the kitchen from the back, face, and inside of your refrigerator to the ventilator hood above your stove. Vapor particles are so small that they can penetrate areas chemical sanitization solutions cannot, like the deeply grooved surface of a cutting board. So there’s no reason to throw that old board away if you clean it regularly with vapor.

Unlike bleach and other commercial cleaning solutions, which are strong oxidizers that dull kitchen surfaces, irritate eyes and lungs, burn skin and ruin your clothing, vapor is made from plain old tap water heated to a temperature that safely sanitizes just about everything.

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