Grout Cleaning

A nice, hot shower is supposed to relax and rejuvenate you. But each time you shower, the grout absorbs and holds moisture, letting all sorts of bacteria seep in and hang out. As a result, your otherwise lovely bathroom has ghastly stains and black fungus growing between the ceramic tiles.

Until now, scrubbing with a stiff brush and an abrasive chlorine bleach solution, or maybe bleach straight from the bottle, was the only way to stamp out these unsightly stains. It is one of the most labor intensive jobs you do when house cleaning. You wear latex gloves and safety goggles, and kept the window wide open to avoid the toxic fumes. Most of the time, the results are disappointing, despite your hard work. And many times the surface you are cleaning is harmed, the gloss and color removed.

That was yesterday. Today vapor steam cleaners make bathroom tile cleaning a breeze. Using nothing more than ordinary tap water, vapor cleans grouts and get rids of mold, mildew, and soap scum. It does it effortlessly, and without chemicals and dangerous toxic odors—and without degrading or discoloring the surface of what is being cleaned. Your shower will shine like new.

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