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As much as 80 percent of the dirt and grim in your home comes from outside. It gets tracked in on your feet dozens of times a day, more if you have children. Because small stones, mud and gritty dirt can scratch the finish of your hard-surface flooring, particularly wood, it is important that you clean your floors regularly. Taking proper care of your floors will keep them looking their best and will help them last longer.

Until now, unless your home has only one type of flooring throughout, you have had to deal with cleaning different kinds of surfaces. The cleaning method that works for one surface may damage the other.

Many people feel safe using a mop on all surfaces but it’s important to know that the bucket of dirty water you stick your mop into is the same dirty water you mop your floors with. That’s dirty clean water and it’s making your floors look dull and listless. Plus mopping with disinfectants or detergents softens the sealant of your floor. By the time you notice, the damage is done.

That's where vapor steam cleaners come in. Vapor cleans and sanitizes every type of flooring—from vinyl to sealed hardwood and stone—without degrading or discoloring the surface it is used to clean. If you have ceramic tile, vapor is a double plus because it cleans the grout as well. Gone are the days of getting down on your hands and knees with a toothbrush.

Vapor not only cleans and sanitizes all flooring, it keeps your floors clean longer. No contaminants, like the sticky residue inherent in soapy floor cleaning solutions, are left behind to attack new dirt. Plus vapor cleans faster than conventional methods, which gives you more time to enjoy your beautiful home. No other cleaning method can help your floors retain their brand new look for years to come.

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