Bird Cage Sanitization

Your bird's cage is its castle—and your bird deserves the best.

In order to create the safest possible environment for your pet, you should not only clean the cage regularly but also sanitize it. This is true because there are a variety of bacteria that can potentially harm birds, and soap alone is not going to protect them.

But never run to the market for your favorite household cleaner when the cage needs a good cleaning.

With their tiny lungs, birds cannot tolerate anything even vaguely toxic. By using a vapor steam cleaner to sanitize your pet’s cage (including the bars, perches, and toys) you are helping your bird remain healthy and happy. Not only because you are cleaning the cage without the use of toxic chemicals, but also because vapor particles are so small (smaller than steam) that they can reach every nook and cranny of the cage, thereby minimizing your bird’s risk of infection.

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