BBQ Grill Cleaning

Nothing rounds out a perfect day, anytime of the year, quite like your favorite food cooked on the backyard grill. With its savory flavors and aromas, grilling is one of America's favorite pastimes. But along with the joy of grilling comes the task of cleaning the grill. No matter what the type of grill, you need to keep it clean. Greasy clumps of cooked-on food that accumulate on the grates can ruin food flavor, not to mention your health. This is particularly true if you use acidic marinades and sauces. Cleaning your grates will help your food taste better and keep you safe and healthy.

Some people use abrasive cleaning agents and elbow grease to remove tough buildups on grill cooking grates. This can be harmful to you and can damage the grates. Other people like to use their self-cleaning oven. This may give you a cleaner oven but if grill grates are placed in an oven during a clean cycle, it may impair function and they will discolor.

Vapor steam cleaners are an easy solution to cleaning grill grates the safe and environmentally friendly way. The combination of a gentle rubbing motion and the heated vapor naturally dissolves away the debris faster and more effectively than messy scrubbing or chemicals. Just attach the included brush attachment onto the nozzle of your vapor steam cleaner and watch the grime and grease disappear. With hardly any effort, your cooking grates will become clean as a whistle, keeping your grill working at optimal performance and looking its best for years to come.

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