Bathroom Cleaning

It's a dirty job, sure, but somebody has to do it. Cleaning the bathroom is easily your least favorite chore. The one thing you’d trade any other chore to avoid doing. Scrubbing the tub and shower walls, cleaning dried up toothpaste, disinfecting the toilet from the outside in, mopping the floor. This is a job nobody wants.

But the bathroom is a place that needs to be maintained to keep your family healthy. But why do all that scrubbing when vapor can do it for you?

Using nothing more than ordinary tap water and a little electricity, vapor eliminates sticky deposits around faucets, removes mildew and soap scum on glass doors and shower walls, gets rid of rings around the toilet, and cleans just about any other mess, anywhere in your bathroom, including stained tile and grout. It not only sanitizes and deodorizes without the use of chemicals, it cleans faster in one easy step, without sprayers, buckets, mops, gloves or getting down on your hands and knees, leaving your bathroom sparkling clean in one-third the time of conventional cleaning methods. With no more costly household cleaners to buy you’ll save money while keeping your family healthier.

Vapor is a better way to clean that will help simplify your life.

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