Auto Detailing

As Americans, we love our cars. We invented the drive-thru restaurant and the drive-thru bank. Today NASCAR racing is America’s second most-popular spectator sport, and the most popular automotive magazines have paid circulations of more than one million each.

Our most satisfying moment is when our car is clean and looks its best. However, a car is not a work of art sitting on a pedestal safe from the elements. It is subject to rain, snow, sun, and wind, and whatever other curveballs Mother Nature sends our way, all of which can damage the finest automobile. You can’t protect your car like a statue in a museum, but you can keep it looking new.

Start by vacuuming the interior using a good wet-dry vac.  Once you’ve done this you are ready to vapor clean the carpets in the same manner as you would vapor clean your home carpets and rugs.  Vapor cleans more thoroughly than commercial shampoos, many of which contain odors objectionable to those who are allergic or chemically sensitive.  And unlike shampoo, vapor does not require scrubbing, which can damage the carpet pile.  Vapor also will not leave behind a sticky residue to attract new dirt.     

On the exterior, if you have you allowed brake dust to build up that cannot be removed by a simple car wash, cleaning the wheels with vapor can restore their original luster.  But be very careful not to use vapor on the car’s paint.  While there are very few things you should not clean with heated vapor, the painted surface of a car is one of them.

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