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Clean almost any surface with just water.

In addition to being better for your health and the environment, steam vapor cleaners save time and money.

In today’s busy world, it is estimated that owning a vapor steam cleaner will cut your cleaning time by 50%.

But vapor steam cleaners also save money by reducing the need for sponges, mops, buckets, paper towels, expensive household chemicals, etc. The average household spends about $1,200 on these items yearly.

Additionally, steam cleaners, unlike abrasive household cleaning products, prolong the life of your appliances by leaving the surface of what is being cleaned undamaged. Over time, this saves you money, too!

Go Green, Save Green - Green Cleaning

Do the math and see what you save! The savings will more than pay for the price of a vapor cleaner.

How much money can a vapor steam cleaner save you?

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